The Silence is Broken

Artists as social entrepreneurs combining arts, philanthropy, technology and commerce to affect change.


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Imagine SIB — a Musical Netflix for Charities

The Silence Is Broken (SIB) is a 501(c)(3) arts organization. We have assembled a group of artists and thought leaders to rally communities throughout the world to spread awareness about pertinent issues and inspire investment to address them. We believe the visceral reaction achieved through art and music serves as an effective tool other 501(c)(3) organizations can use to tell their stories and raise revenue. At SIB, we are storytellers who have spent most of our lives creating thought provoking, challenging and compelling artistic work. It follows that we can bring our skill sets to bear upon the world in an unceasing fundraiser and “new media” campaign to heal, prosper and bless while elevating, disseminating and monetizing important works of art for artists and communities to benefit. SIB is a “musical megaphone” community based organizations can use to shout their message to the world.