We offer artists and producers a unique opportunity to present their work and

become thought leaders on the resultant collision between the arts, philanthropy,

and technology.

We’ve designed a payment standard that nurtures the creative process, increases

artistic output, and frees creators from financial constraints; avoiding revenue

deficiencies and velvet rope mentalities.

“all my life I have been haunted by the images of civil unrest I saw on our home television set and now across our portable media devices. I believe we can put an end to oppression but it will not come from legislating the hearts and minds of the electorate. Rather, it will come as a result of a visceral awakening set forth from the minds and the pens of artists”

- G. Patrick Gandy

Artistic works are made available to the world through SIB.

At SIB, we raise awareness and money through our docu-concert movies in order

to cure issues once labeled intractable.

It’s simple, produce and film works of art, and your community rallies by

watching, inspiring needed investment in communities everywhere.

The Silence is Broken (SIB) is a 501(c)(3) arts organization.

SIB believes artists have a responsibility and timely opportunity to use their

voices to break the silence on intractable issues and be leaders in forging a new

marriage between the arts, philanthropy, and technology.


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